We are thrilled to announce that our company, Setsen Fashion LLC, has signed an agreement with the Export Development Project Partnership Program. This partnership represents a major milestone for our company, as we seek to expand our presence in the global market and enhance our export capacity.

The Partnership Program of the Export Development Project was launched in Mongolia in 2017, with the goal of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and clusters in the non-mining sector to improve their export capacity and expand their markets. The program provides financial support, technical assistance, and training to export-oriented enterprises, with a focus on product manufacturing, tourism, creative culture, and information technology.

As part of the government's policy to diversify the economy of Mongolia, which is highly dependent on the mining sector, the Partnership Program will run until the end of 2023. Starting from 2022, the program is implemented in cooperation with the Department of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Setsen Fashion LLC submitted its first application to the Partnership Program in the field of cultural creative production in March 2022. After undergoing multiple tests and criteria, we were thrilled to sign a cooperation agreement with the program in November 2022.

As part of the Export Development Project, Setsen Fashion LLC plans to undertake three main activities. Despite the short implementation period of the project, we are confident that our products will have opportunities to enter the global market, thanks to the support provided by the Partnership Program.

We are proud to be a part of this government initiative and look forward to leveraging this partnership to achieve our export objectives. We encourage other companies in the non-mining sector to explore the opportunities offered by the Partnership Program and join us in our efforts to expand the reach of our products and services in the global market.